Avezul Corporation was incorporated in the United States in January of the year 2000 with the purpose of offering high-quality glass containers, raw materials, and equipment for the pharmaceutical industry. Throughout our company history, we have collaborated with the best known manufacturers of technical glass products (glass vials and glass ampoules), raw materials (active pharmaceutical ingredient), and machinery products for the pharmaceutical industry in the world.

In the year 2003 we began exclusive distribution of a glass container factory, called GlassFarmaTech, in Bogota, Colombia, in order to serve the Colombian market for glass containers. In 2005, we began distributing tubular glass products (quality custom glass vials and glass ampoules) from a second glass factory, called Tzinapu, in Queretaro, Mexico, in order to serve the Mexican, United States, and Latin American markets. These factories use the highest quality of raw materials for our glass containers manufactured by world-renowned companies such as Gerresheimer, Schott, and Nipro America.

Since its inception, Avezul has been working directly with leading pharmaceutical companies in South America to source active pharmaceutical ingredients from China, India, and around the world. We ensure that the products being arranged for purchase and delivery meet the recipient country’s required quality standards and abide by all regulatory and audit guidelines in order to help the supply chain stay secure and safe for end users.

As we move on through 2015 and beyond, we continue to draw upon our experience and strong network of suppliers in order to connect our clients with the technical glass products, machinery, raw materials, or auditing consultation that they need in order to propel their own businesses in the worldwide pharmaceutical industry and many other industries.