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Premier Quality Glass Vials and Glass Ampoules

Avezul has been committed to offering and providing cost-efficient glass containers for our customers that include pharmaceutical, veterinary, natural health product, and cosmetic companies since the year 2000. For all of our technical glass products, the best raw materials offered by companies like Gerresheimer, Schott, and Nipro America are utilized. Using state-of-the-art machinery, capable of the custom manufacture of clear or amber tubular glass containers (vials, ampoules, and cosmetic containers), the factories we collaborate with offer quality products and services. Whether it is packaging for liquid, lyophilized, or powder products, our glass containers are produced in accordance with industry standards (DIN) and can also be designed to meet custom specifications required by our customers. We understand that quality is very important to our customers, so we guarantee our products. We welcome you to explore our products and find out more information about the manufacturing facilities whose products we proudly distribute.

Working with glass vials and glass ampoules for the pharmaceutical industry has earned us a strong reputation for procuring the necessarily and consistently high-quality glass products needed for such an important industry. Our products are used to house very special medications that require utmost levels of sterility and quality. Without ensuring such measures are fit for medication would be harmful to the millions of patients who require them each day. Our quality products will help propel your business’ needs into the highest realm of quality that you require.

Please take a moment to explore more information about our glass vials and glass ampoules. Each variety has a set of specifications that can be altered to meet the needs of our clients. Part of the process of procuring these supplies for your business will involve making a variety of choices, including size, shape, color, neck form, and packaging options. With our specialized services, we will work closely with you to ensure that your quality and standard requirements for your glass vials or glass ampoules have been met.