The Avezul corporation has proudly helped domestic and international businesses who utilize glass vials and ampoules in their product lines to procure state-of-the-art machinery from reputable retailers around the world. We have a long history with key manufacturers who have proven themselves as frontrunners in the vial and ampoule machinery industries. We offer a solid connection to these manufacturers, as well as financing and consulting plans for our worldwide customers, in order to help them generate a cleaning line, filling line, or sealing line that best suits their needs. There are even times where clients require certain modifications, and we can help communicate those needs to our trusted machinery suppliers for our customers.

Some of the machinery we are able to connect our customers with include:

  • Automatic Vial Washing, Filling, and Capping Machines
  • Automated Inline Vial Cleaning Systems
  • Automatic Ampoules Filling and Sealing Machines
  • Automatic Vial Capping Machines
  • Single Head Vial Capping Machine
  • Auto Vial Liquid Filling/Capping Machine
  • Vial/Ampoule Filling production line
  • Vial Washing and Filling Machine
  • Automatic Vial Liquid Filling and Cap-Screwing Machines
  • Vial Washing and Sterilizing Plant
  • Vial Drying Sterilization Tunnel

Whether you are in the pharmaceutical, chemical, petroleum, veterinary medicine, cosmetic, or natural health product industries, amongst many others who utilize glass vials and glass ampoules for their product lines, we have the resources necessary to help you discover the best and, if needed, most cost-effective equipment that will help you exceed your production expectations and quality requirements. We take pride in our long history of purchasing, shipping, and ensuring proper implementation of filling machines.

Avezul consults with our clients and connects them with the vial and ampoule machinery they need, at a price they can fit into their development budget. Ask about our machinery financing options, and discover how we can help you create a reality out of your company’s potential.