Avezul takes our role in the global supply chain for the pharmaceutical industry very seriously. We deal with the raw materials for products that will be used to promote human health, which means we are charged with ensuring that our quality materials are sourced from quality providers around the world. This requires that we work with processes that have been proven to meet national and international standards.

At Avezul, we do our part to adhere to the various quality control measures in the industry, namely that our suppliers are certified under Good Manufacturing Practice and that they supply a Drug Master File for the active pharmaceutical ingredient they are supplying. We also work exclusively with an international auditing team in order to certify that the supplier factories meet all of the requirements necessary to manufacture, sell, and distribute quality materials around the world. We audit for equipment, facilities, utilities, processes, and process installations to make sure that our needs, and our clients’ needs, are met so that the end user can take comfort in a product that was manufactured with their best interest in mind – their health.

Contact Avezul today for more information about our audit consultation services. It is important that your company can implement and maintain processes that meet all industry standards, and we will be happy to help guide these processes into satisfying regulatory standards.