Our glass ampoules are utilized in a wide variety of applications, from pharmaceutical medications to natural health products.  We exclusively source glass ampoules that are formed using type I glass for all our ampoules, regardless of what application the glass ampoule will be used in.

The glass ampoules have a capacity range from 1ml to 20 ml and are available in clear or amber colors. We offer various head shapes as well as color break, score break, or one point cut options, according to our customers’ specifications.

We package our products in sanitary packaging that ensures safe handling, and guarantee consistency in the quality of our ampoules. We have the capacity to customize to specifications the size and shape of our products. Call today to speak with one of our representatives, who will help you get started on the process of finding the right size requirements for your application. Also, for customers who are perhaps unaware of the exact size requirements, such as inside diameter, outside diameter, or even volumetric capacity requirements, you can send us samples of the glass ampoules you have been using and we can have a technical glass product specialist analyze and confirm the exact requirements that you need.

Labeling services are available for all of our glass ampoules. Using a state-of-the-art pyrographing labeling system, we can label your glass ampoule to specific wording and color requirements.

We recognize the importance of confirming the exact details for your glass ampoule orders and we want to ensure we take every measure to get you the products you need, as you need them. Our team is ready to take your glass ampoule processing line interests in mind and work with you to get the product ready for you to use in your important supply chain.