Avezul Corporation was incorporated in Miami, Florida in 2000, with the vision of becoming an important supplier of glass containers, raw materials, and equipment for the pharmaceutical

industry. Since then, Avezul has become significantly integrated as a reputable supplier for this industry in Latin America. We proudly distribute products from two distinct converting factories, in Mexico and in Colombia, each of which manufacture and distribute a variety of tubular glass containers using world-renowned, high-quality glass tubes. These glass vials and glass ampoules are available for application in various industries: pharmaceutical, natural health products, veterinary, cosmetics, and more. Our suppliers source from the highest quality glass tubing companies in the world, ensuring that our customers have access to the standards that best suit their applications. We have the technical capacity to customize the products in order to meet our customers’ specifications.

Aside from our glass vial and glass ampoule products, we also offer additional services to connect our clients with the raw materials and machinery they need in order to complete their product line. We currently work with worldwide suppliers who can help us connect our clients to the resources they need from a wide variety of active pharmaceutical ingredients. We source from high-quality suppliers who meet the standards necessary for the market.

Our product line finds applications in the pharmaceutical,  veterinary medicine, cosmetic, or natural health product industries,and more. We have the network  to help you discover the best and, if needed, most cost-effective equipment that will help you exceed your production expectations and quality requirements. We take pride in our long history of purchasing, shipping, and ensuring proper implementation of filling machines.

Working with these industries also means we run into frequent and  extensive auditing processes in order to ensure quality business in our vast supply chains. We proudly offer the experience we have gained in this field as a method to consult with our clients and help them conduct auditing processes.